Costa Rica – the favorite place of Central Americans

central-america-costa-rica-thumbCosta Rica isn’t a place like other locations spread in the world instead, it’s an unusual place. Let me start from the beginning. When World War II finished, the army of this place was disbanded shortly because of political reasons. Actually, the army was wanted to be out of any political activity and hence, the rulers willed to get them rid of the political equation.

We were discussing things at Chicken Fried Steak Restaurant. There my friend was telling me that unlike other Central American regions, it was very peaceful and no negative activity was being done there. Costa Rica is considered as having a very good record of strong economic growth, good governance, and good policies on individual rights. Care of the environment and human development were included in the preference of governments. Since the military budget is lower than other American states, the majority of the population is well educated. People live there with equal rights and the crime rate is wonderfully low when it comes to overall condition.

The focus of the government here is on better living and they’re away from political squabbling. People preferred not to depend on other neighbors in terms of economy; rather they started exporting several things to better their overall economy including banana and coffee exporting. There are many other areas they work in such as medical, ecotourism, software, and pharmaceuticals.

Since communications and infrastructure services are enviable, suddenly, the region achieved the goals of being stronger in the eyes of tourists. According to a survey done to explore the happiest people in the world, the region has been listed in the happiest states for many years.

The number of visitors has been increased to over 3 million annually. Across Central America, this region is regarded the most visited place. Although, people visit here from all over the world, yet the main source includes US and Canada. When it comes to Europe, the visitors from that area tend to come and this tendency has been grown rapidly in the past five years. An international airport has been built at Liberia which played a vital role in growing the number of tourists. Earlier, the economy depended on at banana and coffee export, but now the main source of getting the economy improved is foreign exchange.

Over 45,000 American are living there with a small number of people belong from other countries including Canada. The reason for the arrival of those immigrants is to live standard life with low cost.  

North Conway, NH

north-conway-photoNorth Conway is one of the most popular destinations in New Hampshire. Surrounded by the White Mountain National Forest, there are numerous recreational activities to participate in, with each season revealing a change in the landscape. Rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking and hiking are common summer activities in North Conway, while skiing is popular in the winter. The Conway Scenic Railway offers tours regular departures from its authentic Victorian train station. These old-fashioned locomotives travel across the countryside of the Mount Washington Valley. Just north of the city, the Mount Washington COG Railway takes visitors to the mountain’s summit for an incredible view of the area. The article credit goes to ‘s writers who researched and wrote this great article.

Aside from shopping, North Conway, which is located in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, is known for a rich array of year-round recreation and activities for families, groups and couples on extended visits.

North Conway is situated in a valley surrounded by mountain views including Mt. Washington, the highest peak in the northeast. The spring and summer months are perfect for hiking, mountain biking, water activities and scenic drives. The fall is an excellent time to see some of the world’s best foliage. In the winter, outdoor activities include skiing, ice climbing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling.

The Saco River is a special river to folks in New England.  Most adults have wonderful memories from childhood of tubing, swimming or canoeing down the Saco River!   During most of the warm weather months, the water moves at a lazy, rambling speed that’s perfect for paddle boarding, tubing, kayaking, canoeing and swimming.  Whether you are an experienced kayaker or a first time canoer, you will enjoy a relaxing day floating down the crystal clear waters of the Saco River. You can enjoy a quiet and relaxing afternoon, full day or longer on the waters of the Saco River.  During most of the warm months the depth of the water averages 3 feet.  

Sample Essay Paper

Sample Essay Paper


Essays can be written on a variety of subjects, but should always revolve around a topic that is considered interesting and compelling enough to debate around.


Sometimes you are given a clear topic to explore, but oftentimes, you are told to write about something of your choosing that you are vested in. If you are having trouble figuring out a subject for your essay, consider using something that will appeal to a lot of people and also something that is interesting in you.


A single example of a topic


For example, you could explore the ethics of testing pharmaceuticals on people. Always look to take a side and present clear arguments for it. In this scenario, if you took the side of those in favor of human trials, you would outline the various benefits and groundbreaking discoveries that come with human trials, as well as remind those reading and listening that the testing is done with the people’s full consent.


If you took the other side, you would focus on why human trials are unethical and why they should never be performed out of principle, even when the person agrees to them. You could also use real-world examples of people who were negatively affected for life after their participation in such a trial in order to make your argument more compelling.


Making sure to take a side


Whichever subject you choose, look to pick a clear stance instead of exploring each subject from a neutral standpoint. The author of the essay should clearly be in favor of something and present as many arguments in its favor as possible.

Persuasive Essay Paper

Persuasive Essay Paper


The road to writing a persuasive essay paper is clear: you need to make sure that the subject is one you are emotionally invested in or otherwise feel strongly about. This way, anything you write will be charged with your own beliefs that are rooted in the real world, and will make the text much more compelling.


Making sure you are invested in the topic


You aren’t likely to persuade someone if you write about topics that you yourself aren’t sure of, or don’t care about. Your lack of investment into a particular subject will be clearly noticeable once the text is completed and presented to other people, even if you try to avoid making it such.


Therefore, always go for a topic that you feel you can write at length about. If you are choosing between a topic you feel is more appropriate but don’t care about, and one that you feel might not be the best essay subject but you have strong feelings about, always go for the latter – essays are meant to be personal pieces, not bland texts full of random facts.


Making others interested in what you wrote


Emotional investment in the subject you are writing about will let you create an essay that everyone will be interested in hearing, even if the topic isn’t something that they would otherwise want to know about. It will also increase the likelihood of your teacher being satisfied as it will be clear that the paper meant something to you.


Great essays are capable of convincing a person to shift their stance of something. While your essay might not be quite as moving, you should nevertheless aim to at least make people in attendance think about the subject and how they feel about it.

High School Essay

High School Essay


High school essays usually aren’t as demanding as college pieces, but they nonetheless require that the student puts in enough effort to create a compelling piece. Like all essays, high school ones should also be done with a tone of seriousness and formality where the writer looks to scientifically explore his or her subject.


Knowing what the thesis should be


Try to get as much info as possible from your teacher regarding the exact type of essay they would like, including the amount of words, the narrative and even the topics. This will ensure that an otherwise well-written essay doesn’t fail to meet some of the teacher’s criteria.


Pick a subject that is appropriate for a high school student, but don’t limit yourself in doing so. Feel free to explore an area that you feel nobody else will touch upon or even think of, as long as it is well-argumented and succinctly written.


Consulting your classmates and adults


After you have finished writing your essay, consult your classmates and try to compare the subjects you used and the style of writing involved. Ask for the opinion of at least one other person, but don’t let other students censor your essay too much – if you are going to make changes, try to only do so at the behest of an adult.



College Thesis Paper

College Thesis Paper


One’s college thesis, also called a dissertation, is meant to act as their final work as a student. The quality of a college thesis will usually be considered directly related to the student’s aptitude in the field, and is meant to transcend their life as a student and be something that they will be proud to display for decades to come.


Being serious about this paper


You will need to take your college thesis as the most serious text you have ever written. Try to know the subject you would like to write about months before you even begin writing anything down. Once you do start writing, make sure that you have given yourself enough time to create a quality and everlasting text that can be an informative read for several generations after you.


The thesis’ length


As is the case with all essays, your college thesis will also need to be fairly lengthy and involve a clear introduction, exploration of the subject and conclusion. However, the text will likely need to be much longer than anything you have written before, possibly even stretching across hundreds of pages, further stressing the importance of allotting enough time to complete the essay.


Other things to consider


You will need to defend your thesis before the academic committee after it is written, so make sure to use a subject you are intimately familiar with and one you feel you know exceedingly well. Your graduation will depend on the quality of your college thesis and your ability to defend it – you must have great knowledge of what you have written about.


Afterwards, your thesis will be archived by the college or university and it will be available for anyone to read. Your college thesis might also impact your career, meaning you can’t afford to take this task as anything but serious.



College Essay

College Essay


College essays are some of the most demanding texts to write as they are held up to a very high standard. There’s no question about it – you will need to set aside a decent amount of time and truly commit yourself to creating a well-written and compelling piece.


Start by thinking of a topic


Every essay starts by brainstorming ideas until you have found the one subject that you will focus your essay on. Try to pick a subject that you personally feel attached to, whether positively or negatively, as this will allow you to write at greater lengths and with more emotion than if you wrote about something you don’t care about. I picked river tubing because its what my friends and I enjoy doing all summer long! Refreshing river water in your own tube and favorite beverage, Awesome!


Be prepared for the possibility of having to write several drafts until a final text is completed. Writing a college essay isn’t something that should be rushed, and it’s well-worth the effort to rewrite the essay if you feel that the first copy is not satisfactory.


Knowing the right amount of text


Decide on the best size for your essay if you have not been given instructions by your professor. You can consult other students to see how lengthy their texts will be and try to adjust your own if it is too short or too long in comparison. The essay should have a clear introduction to the subject, the body in which you explore it, and the conclusion where you outline all the necessary points.


Ask for others’ opinion


After you feel your essay is finalized, proofread it and look for any errors or repetitiveness. Once you have finished doing that, run your essay by anyone whose opinion matters to you, including family, friends who do well in school and even other teachers. Taking note of others’ feedback will allow you to create a much better paper than you could on your own.



Writing An Essay

Writing An Essay


Writing an essay usually involves a bit more work than most other forms of writing that students are accustomed to. An essay is a serious piece on a particular subject and it requires that the person writing it pays close attention throughout the writing process in order to achieve a satisfactory end result.


Figuring out the topic


Before writing an essay, think about the precise subject you would like it to explore. Essays shouldn’t be all over the place; instead, they should revolve around a single topic that can then branch into several related ones. If you have not been given a topic to write about, make sure that the topic of your essay is a compelling one and one that will provoke the thoughts of others – however, avoid any sensationalism as essays are meant to have a serious, scientific tone.


Being mindful of the wording


After you have decided on the topic you will cover, consider the amount of words you plan on using. Oftentimes, teachers will give clear instructions regarding the word count that you will need to follow. If you have written too much, you will have to trim the text until it reaches the right amount of words. Similarly, if you have written too little, you will need to add more words but do so in a way relevant to the topic at hand. You should avoid fluff or rambling about unrelated subjects.


The style of writing should be very formal and you should only write in first person if you are writing a narrative essay. Avoid the use of colloquialisms and even abbreviations. Lastly, once your essay is finished, try to have several people with good writing skills examine the piece and suggest changes before you go on to submit it to your teacher. An alternate point of view will tend to reveal issues your paper might have that you completely overlooked.

My First Essay Ever

The first essay I ever wrote was about all the different sorts of limos. (this is completely unrelated, and you will see why later as you continue to learn more about the essay process. ) There are hummer limo‘s. Lincoln limo’s, stretch limos, Rolls-Royce limos. It seems the list goes on and on and extravagance continues to grow more and more each year.

It seems the more I researched the more different limos I was able to find. It didn’t matter what area of the world I searched. They were limos everywhere.
For any occasion there are so many occasions for limos you could actually write an entire book on the different sorts of occasions that one could rent a limo for people rent them for just a night out., A birthday party a casino run sporting events bachelor parties weddings I mean should I go on here or what?

What about the world record for the longest limo have you ever look that up when I surely encourage you to do so it’s incredible and simply astounding I won’t you a picture of it here you’ll have to look it up for yourself I just don’t have time.

Thats all for now.