Costa Rica – the favorite place of Central Americans

central-america-costa-rica-thumbCosta Rica isn’t a place like other locations spread in the world instead, it’s an unusual place. Let me start from the beginning. When World War II finished, the army of this place was disbanded shortly because of political reasons. Actually, the army was wanted to be out of any political activity and hence, the rulers willed to get them rid of the political equation.

We were discussing things at Chicken Fried Steak Restaurant. There my friend was telling me that unlike other Central American regions, it was very peaceful and no negative activity was being done there. Costa Rica is considered as having a very good record of strong economic growth, good governance, and good policies on individual rights. Care of the environment and human development were included in the preference of governments. Since the military budget is lower than other American states, the majority of the population is well educated. People live there with equal rights and the crime rate is wonderfully low when it comes to overall condition.

The focus of the government here is on better living and they’re away from political squabbling. People preferred not to depend on other neighbors in terms of economy; rather they started exporting several things to better their overall economy including banana and coffee exporting. There are many other areas they work in such as medical, ecotourism, software, and pharmaceuticals.

Since communications and infrastructure services are enviable, suddenly, the region achieved the goals of being stronger in the eyes of tourists. According to a survey done to explore the happiest people in the world, the region has been listed in the happiest states for many years.

The number of visitors has been increased to over 3 million annually. Across Central America, this region is regarded the most visited place. Although, people visit here from all over the world, yet the main source includes US and Canada. When it comes to Europe, the visitors from that area tend to come and this tendency has been grown rapidly in the past five years. An international airport has been built at Liberia which played a vital role in growing the number of tourists. Earlier, the economy depended on at banana and coffee export, but now the main source of getting the economy improved is foreign exchange.

Over 45,000 American are living there with a small number of people belong from other countries including Canada. The reason for the arrival of those immigrants is to live standard life with low cost.