Sample Essay Paper

Sample Essay Paper


Essays can be written on a variety of subjects, but should always revolve around a topic that is considered interesting and compelling enough to debate around.


Sometimes you are given a clear topic to explore, but oftentimes, you are told to write about something of your choosing that you are vested in. If you are having trouble figuring out a subject for your essay, consider using something that will appeal to a lot of people and also something that is interesting in you.


A single example of a topic


For example, you could explore the ethics of testing pharmaceuticals on people. Always look to take a side and present clear arguments for it. In this scenario, if you took the side of those in favor of human trials, you would outline the various benefits and groundbreaking discoveries that come with human trials, as well as remind those reading and listening that the testing is done with the people’s full consent.


If you took the other side, you would focus on why human trials are unethical and why they should never be performed out of principle, even when the person agrees to them. You could also use real-world examples of people who were negatively affected for life after their participation in such a trial in order to make your argument more compelling.


Making sure to take a side


Whichever subject you choose, look to pick a clear stance instead of exploring each subject from a neutral standpoint. The author of the essay should clearly be in favor of something and present as many arguments in its favor as possible.

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