Persuasive Essay Paper

Persuasive Essay Paper


The road to writing a persuasive essay paper is clear: you need to make sure that the subject is one you are emotionally invested in or otherwise feel strongly about. This way, anything you write will be charged with your own beliefs that are rooted in the real world, and will make the text much more compelling.


Making sure you are invested in the topic


You aren’t likely to persuade someone if you write about topics that you yourself aren’t sure of, or don’t care about. Your lack of investment into a particular subject will be clearly noticeable once the text is completed and presented to other people, even if you try to avoid making it such.


Therefore, always go for a topic that you feel you can write at length about. If you are choosing between a topic you feel is more appropriate but don’t care about, and one that you feel might not be the best essay subject but you have strong feelings about, always go for the latter – essays are meant to be personal pieces, not bland texts full of random facts.


Making others interested in what you wrote


Emotional investment in the subject you are writing about will let you create an essay that everyone will be interested in hearing, even if the topic isn’t something that they would otherwise want to know about. It will also increase the likelihood of your teacher being satisfied as it will be clear that the paper meant something to you.


Great essays are capable of convincing a person to shift their stance of something. While your essay might not be quite as moving, you should nevertheless aim to at least make people in attendance think about the subject and how they feel about it.

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