College Essay

College Essay


College essays are some of the most demanding texts to write as they are held up to a very high standard. There’s no question about it – you will need to set aside a decent amount of time and truly commit yourself to creating a well-written and compelling piece.


Start by thinking of a topic


Every essay starts by brainstorming ideas until you have found the one subject that you will focus your essay on. Try to pick a subject that you personally feel attached to, whether positively or negatively, as this will allow you to write at greater lengths and with more emotion than if you wrote about something you don’t care about. I picked river tubing because its what my friends and I enjoy doing all summer long! Refreshing river water in your own tube and favorite beverage, Awesome!


Be prepared for the possibility of having to write several drafts until a final text is completed. Writing a college essay isn’t something that should be rushed, and it’s well-worth the effort to rewrite the essay if you feel that the first copy is not satisfactory.


Knowing the right amount of text


Decide on the best size for your essay if you have not been given instructions by your professor. You can consult other students to see how lengthy their texts will be and try to adjust your own if it is too short or too long in comparison. The essay should have a clear introduction to the subject, the body in which you explore it, and the conclusion where you outline all the necessary points.


Ask for others’ opinion


After you feel your essay is finalized, proofread it and look for any errors or repetitiveness. Once you have finished doing that, run your essay by anyone whose opinion matters to you, including family, friends who do well in school and even other teachers. Taking note of others’ feedback will allow you to create a much better paper than you could on your own.



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