Writing An Essay

Writing An Essay


Writing an essay usually involves a bit more work than most other forms of writing that students are accustomed to. An essay is a serious piece on a particular subject and it requires that the person writing it pays close attention throughout the writing process in order to achieve a satisfactory end result.


Figuring out the topic


Before writing an essay, think about the precise subject you would like it to explore. Essays shouldn’t be all over the place; instead, they should revolve around a single topic that can then branch into several related ones. If you have not been given a topic to write about, make sure that the topic of your essay is a compelling one and one that will provoke the thoughts of others – however, avoid any sensationalism as essays are meant to have a serious, scientific tone.


Being mindful of the wording


After you have decided on the topic you will cover, consider the amount of words you plan on using. Oftentimes, teachers will give clear instructions regarding the word count that you will need to follow. If you have written too much, you will have to trim the text until it reaches the right amount of words. Similarly, if you have written too little, you will need to add more words but do so in a way relevant to the topic at hand. You should avoid fluff or rambling about unrelated subjects.


The style of writing should be very formal and you should only write in first person if you are writing a narrative essay. Avoid the use of colloquialisms and even abbreviations. Lastly, once your essay is finished, try to have several people with good writing skills examine the piece and suggest changes before you go on to submit it to your teacher. An alternate point of view will tend to reveal issues your paper might have that you completely overlooked.

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