My First Essay Ever

The first essay I ever wrote was about all the different sorts of limos. (this is completely unrelated, and you will see why later as you continue to learn more about the essay process. ) There are hummer limo‘s. Lincoln limo’s, stretch limos, Rolls-Royce limos. It seems the list goes on and on and extravagance continues to grow more and more each year.

It seems the more I researched the more different limos I was able to find. It didn’t matter what area of the world I searched. They were limos everywhere.
For any occasion there are so many occasions for limos you could actually write an entire book on the different sorts of occasions that one could rent a limo for people rent them for just a night out., A birthday party a casino run sporting events bachelor parties weddings I mean should I go on here or what?

What about the world record for the longest limo have you ever look that up when I surely encourage you to do so it’s incredible and simply astounding I won’t you a picture of it here you’ll have to look it up for yourself I just don’t have time.

Thats all for now.






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